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Meet The Outfitter

Hammer 'Em Outfitters Montana Hunting - Top of Long Park

Hammer ‘Em Outfitters is a father and son family owned business operated by Bob and Nick Hammer. Montana has been their home for many generations. From the years of growing up in the outdoors of the Rocky Mountains, Bob and Nick Hammer have gained a vast knowledge of the game, their habits, and the Big Sky country in which they live. They started Hammer ‘Em Outfitters in 2014 and are enjoying great success by providing quality big game guided hunting experiences. Prior to starting Hammer ‘Em Outfitters with Nick, Bob was a Montana State Game warden for over thirty years. With that said, he has gotten to know this area very well as a large part of his career was spent in the exact location of the Walker Camp at Lingshire. Bob and Nick both have experienced numerous opportunities to see what wildlife management really looks like. They have been involved in conservation gun netting via helicopter of elk, mule deer and mountain goats in the Rockies, trapping nuisance wildlife like beavers and bears, just to name a few. From fishing and boating in the summer months, early archery and rifle elk hunting in the fall, to lion hunting and trapping in the winter, they are in a position to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Their combined experience and knowledge has allowed them to guide on the vast legendary Galt Ranch and to share their expertise with you, their hunting guests. Nick, Bob, and their staff are committed to each guest that hunts with them. They have both experienced and enjoyed the outdoors to its fullest and are very passionate about being involved in the outfitting industry.

Book Hammer ‘Em Outfitters for your next true Montana Elk Hunting Adventure. We look forward to hunting with you and can’t wait to show you what elk hunting in Montana is all about!


My dad is an avid outdoorsman, a retired Game Warden and active hunter, trapper, and fisherman. Through my childhood hunting, trapping and fishing were a thing we did together as a family – it is a Hammer father-son tradition. I started shooting when I was old enough to hold a rifle or bow. Nightly after dinner, we’d  target practice in the field out behind our rural home in Stanford Montana, cans, jugs and targets. Honing our shooting skills. At bedtime my dad didn’t read Dr. Seuss, he read stories from Outdoor Life by Jack O’Conner. It was wonderful, like living the life of Daniel Boone in Stanford Montana.

Most of our family trips and vacations were outdoor related, hunting and fishing. Every year it was a big deal when the days got shorter and the Montana air turned cooler in the evening, I knew hunting season was just around the corner. For me, hunting has always been as much about the adventure and experience as bagging a trophy. And now, many years later I am sharing my passion and hunting skills with our hunting guests.

The legacy and tradition of the outdoors, hunting, trapping, and fishing have always been important to me. I want Hammer ‘Em Outfitters to continue to contribute to the outdoor sportsman tradition through quality Fair Chase hunting adventures and outdoor life experiences.

Nick Hammer, MT Outfitter #21169

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